Practice Areas

Medical Malpractice

For over a quarter of a century H&R has provided exceptional and unsurpassed legal representation to the medical community. H&R attorneys have successfully defended medical practitioners in virtually every medical specialty – from nurse practitioners to neurosurgeons and chiropractors to dentists.

H&R also represents many physicians and medical practices in the defense of business disputes, employment issues and elder abuse matters.

Product Liability

With a trial record second to none, H&R has earned a worldwide reputation as being one of leading product liability law firms in the United States. H&R develops unique and innovative approaches to the defense of each case. As a result, H&R has had the privilege of representing some of the best companies in world including Volkswagen, Audi, General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Fiat, Ferarri, Lamborghini, Bentley, Hyundai, Sanofi Pasteur, Inc., The Doctors Company, CNA,  Duetz Corporation and Park Place Entertainment.

Administrative Hearings

H&R’s attorneys have extensive experience representing medical practitioners at hospital and medical facility inquires and before the California medical board. This experience is vital to a successful outcome since the rules and procedures pertaining to administrative hearings vary greatly from those applicable to lawsuits.

In addition, H&R represents automotive and motorcycle manufacturers, distributors and dealers in matters before the new motor vehicle board.

Toxic Torts

From benzene to asbestos toxic tort litigation has and continues to be some of the most costly litigation experienced by domestic and international companies. H&R works closely with its clients to develop appropriate strategies and programs in order to efficiently and effectively defend these cases. As a result of this collaborative effect, many of H&R’s clients are no longer “target defendants” in these suits.

Insurance Defense

H&R provides cost effective insurance defense representation. H&R provides representation to insureds in matters ranging from general negligence to fraud and intentional torts. Cases have ranged from simple slip and falls to real estate errors and omissions and from product liability to complex construction defect litigation. Examples include the representation of ski equipment manufacturers, scuba diving instructors, automotive companies, automotive parts suppliers, real estate developers, real estate brokers and agents, hotels, grocery stores, restaurants, and trucking companies.

As a result of its outstanding litigation reputation, H&R has been requested to assist clients throughout the US. H&R has been appointed as supervising counsel to oversee the work performed by other attorneys throughout the US.

Construction Defect And Real Estate

H&R’s attorneys are knowledgeable and well-versed in residential and commercial real estate law.  They have represented insurers, businesses and individuals concerning construction defect claims, real estate litigation, residential and commercial leasing issues, broker litigation, title issues, real estate transactions, and professional liability claims.

Premises Liability

H&R has for many years defended the gamut of premises liability cases, including but not limited to dangerous conditions, slip and falls, inadequate security, intentional torts and criminal activity.

Business Litigation

H&R’s business litigation department has successfully represented clients in matters ranging from breach of contract to class actions and from false advertising to unfair business practices including antitrust violations, real estate matters involving both transactional disputes and litigation. Whether in state or federal court H&R provides clients with excellent representation.

Consumer Litigation

Since its inception in 1974, H&R has been a leader in consumer litigation. H&R is one of the founding members of the lemon law defense counsel, an organization dedicated to the defense of consumer protection litigation. H&R attorneys are frequent guest lecturers at the LLDC’s annual lemon law seminar. H&R representation has included automobile and motorcycle manufactures and distributors.

Employment Litigation

H&R has represented a variety of employers in litigation involving the gamut of employment-related issues ranging from alleged wrongful termination, wage and overtime disputes, alleged breach of employment contract litigation and sexual harassment and all types of discrimination claims in civil courts as well as administrative tribunals including the Labor Board and EEOC.

Cyber Liability

Businesses of all types, including professionals and non-professionals, whether for profit, not for profit or charitable in nature, are and have become increasingly exposed to privacy-related claims as the result of lost laptops, rogue employees, hacking and virus attacks or other data cyber security leaks and breaches.  H&R’s attorneys have been at the forefront of preventing, investigating and defending cyber liability claims.  H&R’s attorneys have a breath of knowledge and experience in this relatively new, evolving and rapidly expanding area of law.